Zweihandruten ECHO  COMPACT SPEY

The ECHO compact Spey series of fly rods, were developed specifically to match modern short shooting-head systems and the coinciding compact casting stroke.


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Casting two hand setups all day can get tiring. To maximise time on the water, anglers have been turning to shorter two-hand rods to play more and work less. Using lengths previously referred to as “switch rods”, we developed true Spey actions that perfectly match up to today’s shorter head systems and compact casting techniques. If you’re needing to ease up on your casting workload or fish effectively in tight quarters, the new ECHO Compact Spey rods are here to answer the call.



  • Reise freundlich, 4-teilig
  • Blank: Leichtgewicht hochmoduliert
  • Graphit: Lightweight High Modulus 
  • Aktion: Mittel Schnell 
  • Guides: SIC Führunsring; Hartverchromte Schlangenringe
  • Rollenhalter: schwarz anodisiert
  • Warranty: ECHO Lifetime Warranty